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March 19th, 2020 – Fort Lauderdale, USA and its parent company Latam Shipping Inc. , headquartered in Miami , Florida, servicing the entire Latin American region,  has committed to transport – free of charge-  at the request of the Colombian government, up to 5 tons of medical cargo in order to assist the most needy during this times of crisis. has decided to contribute and assist the Colombian government and its people, as the collapse of the peso to its ever high of $4,000 pesos per US dollar poses a material economic burden on any imports, making any required medical supplies to combat the pandemic more expensive to get.

Colombia, a country of over 50 million people where the unemployment rate is at 20% and the minimum monthly wage is roughly the equivalent to $250 US, is anticipating a catastrophic health and economic crisis.

Over the last few years, Colombia has continued to work in overcoming its structural hardships and has also welcomed millions of Venezuelans seeking refuge. Over two million immigrants have entered the country with barely a small bag of clothes and have also burdened the system of the Colombian public health care infrastructure.

“Colombia needs all the help it can get and we are here to do as much as possible” says Pablo Arbelaez CEO of Latam Shipping &

As Colombian supermarkets are in short stock if not empty of basic essentials due to panic hoarding, is reaching out to facilitate the transport of medical supplies to Colombia, where it is estimated that over 17% of its population is over 60 years old, and hence at higher risk during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Arbelaez has been vocal in reaching out to the Colombian diaspora in the US, seeking to encourage donations of medical supplies to send them to Colombia through As worldwide organizations are already maxed out in assisting other countries in the worst of the pandemic curve,  “we are here where the resources exist and we must all help” he says. and Latam Shipping have enabled an email address where all questions regarding medical donations can be directed as follows: Cash donations will not be accepted. All donated cargo will only be tendered to Colombian Government for import procedure and distribution. would like to reiterate — for the sake of greater clarity– that we shall only provide the transportation of urgent medical supplies for the treatment, prevention and contention of the COVID-19, and that such assistance shall only be provided to the government institutions that request it. Articles such as: Masks, respirators, stretchers or any other device of crucial use by senior citizens or by those with underlying illnesses, since for purposes of this emergency they are the most vulnerable segments of population and thus with the highest priority. relies on the proper management of the resources that we place at the disposal of the National Government and invites Colombian society as a whole to face this contingency with optimism, unity, responsibility and solidarity.

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